Angel Light Communications


Based in New York City and Los Angeles, Angel Light Communications is a sustainable film production company specialized in film production and consulting services.

We are committed to informing and entertaining audiences today and teaching the importance of developing and maintaining a positively green, environmental approach to filmmaking and its production by reducing the environmental impact of the film industry.

Founded in 2006 as Angel Light Pictures and now Angel Light Communications was created to implement the art of learning and staying green through film, television, and theater. We have a vision and passion for creating energy efficiency in movies and television.

With sustainable solutions for our planet, Angel Light Communications is committed to demonstrating that the movie and television industry can be responsible, using tactics and strategies for green energy. We will provide clients with energy and sustainable solutions, regarding the perceptions, barriers, and opportunities for energy efficiency.

Tapping into the world of film and television, which consumes vast amounts of energy and unsustainable resources around the world, makes economical sense. Angel Light Communications has launched Planet Greenfest to focus both on entertainment and the environment. Planet Greenfest has combined its knowledge of the energy business with the entertainment industry with the hope of contributing to a more sustainable world. Together, we can make great films and be green. These films do not necessarily have to be about the green movement as they would be diversified genres that we anticipate to be entertaining and shot beautifully.

With the help of future filmmakers, we can change the old techniques of filmmaking by creating films that are ecologically conscious without compromising the quality of the films we make. We are committed and dedicated to discovering filmmakers that will combine their talents and creative vision by "Thinking and Going Green". Not only will this be environmentally and socially beneficial, we can make a tremendous impact in our economy.

Angel Light Communications joins EarthKind Energy.  By including EarthKind Energy we look forward to the expanded growth that will be propelled by this next evolution of our business model. This strategy is a very positive idea for not only the entertainment business but also a way of spreading it to the world.

Our Company will protect the quality of life and dedicate to tackle our energy challenges and harness the economic opportunities presented by clean renewable energy. Sustainable and energy conservation in building design, construction, and entertainment.

Angel Light Communications promotes sustainability in Film, Television, Theater and of course the World— putting knowledge and awareness about the environment and behavior to ensure for a Sustainable Industry so we can help change the world, now and in the future.

"A Healthy Planet means a Healthy Future!"