Nahum Ducasse

Nahum DucasseIt was privileged for me to have met Antonio Saillant during my time as a student at Syracuse University. I was on the clocked during Mr. Saillant speech, but when I read his bio, I made it my mission to introduce myself. As I sat there listening to Mr. Saillant, there were three things that I stood out to me during his speech -innovation, motivation and persistence. One aspect that Mr. Saillant and I have in common is that we are both engineers with a vision to make a difference. Now what makes Mr. Saillant different from other individuals is that he saw an opportunity to take his talents and aspirations to create innovation. His ability to create innovation is driven by his motivation for success. His motivation fuels his ability to accomplish his goals by maintaining persistence. Mr. Saillant is a role model to his peers and others individuals he is able to impact, such as myself.  Thank you and continue to Inspire us all!


Nahum Ducasse
B.S Mechanical Engineer
Syracuse University
A. S. M. E. (American Society Mechanical Engineers)
N. S. B. E. (National Society of Black Engineers)