Immediate Release – Sunday, November-27-16, Vancouver, Canada.

UpgyresPLASTIKA REPARABILIS Challenge is a 2 year, $30M global competition to incentivize the development of technologies, system(s), infrastructure and methodology to usher in the New Plastics Economy and a new era in plastic collecting, sorting, and utilization.

Most countries only collect waste plastics that have monetary value and throw plastics for which there is no market in the garbage. Collecting ALL waste plastics globally will streamline and optimize the supply, demand, distribution channels, and the sales of recyclable, biodegradable, compostable and unrecyclable plastic waste for optimal recycling, upcycling and waste-to-energy customers worldwide.

UpGyres audacious goal to create a standardized system for the collection of ALL plastics globally is of epic proportions; that is why we partnered with Angel Light Communications (ALC).

Based in New York City, Angel Light Communications mission is to educate and inspire today’s youth with 'Green Awareness' and create tomorrow’s generations and Leaders. ALC is the future of communications dedicated to the preservation of our environment and our communities. Our goal is to ensure the well-being of our planet by uniting professionals who explore the concept of being sustainable during their careers and share their experiences of ‘Green Awareness' globally in hopes to Nurture, Influence, Empower, Motivate, and Inspire future Leaders of all audiences and all ages across the Globe...and beyond.

Antonio Meneses Du Saillant, Founder, ALC said: “Partnering with UpGyres to judge and promote the Plastika Raparabilis Challenge is what my company, Angel Light Communications is all about. In order to be successful, I believe we need to do more in order to spread the message and that message is: "We live on one planet and we only have one chance so let's all work together because we need to keep it safe and sound.”

José Luis Gutiérrez-García, Project Director, UpGyres, said: “Plastics are everywhere, they are convenient and helpful but throwing them ‘away’ damages land, air and water resources, and animal and human health. We are very excited to partner with ALC to make this Challenge a success.”

About ALC (http://www.angellightpictures.com/):

Sustainability within the Entertainment Business. The future of a green economy across the entertainment industries. Sustainable film production strategies. Innovative greening practices in the entertainment industry.

About UpGyres (www.upgyres.org):

UpGyres Prevents Plastic Pollution.