Tower Farm technology

Tower Farm technology Austin Kasso, founder and executive director of an Indiana-based public charity, Red Giant Union, announced that Angel Light Communications will help in spreading the Tower Farm technology within the entertainment industry.

Red Giant Union's vision is to further the innovation in urban agriculture by creating greater accessibility to resources and capital to Sprout a progressive and sustainable business community. Their mission is to provide the community with affordable, locally grown, natural produce; to build careers; and to raise awareness of healthy food choices.

Lafayette is where Austin Kasso lived for the last 7 years. They are currently campaigning to build a non-profit vertical farm to be located downtown. The company would like this to be an accessible space for the community to enjoy tower-to-table salads, juices, kombucha, also live music, CSA options for people to co-own vertical garden space, a summer camp for kids, and cooking classes. They will also provide a Think Tank for local food start-ups.

Revenue from the farm will re-circulate in the local food system of Lafayette, justifying our non-profit model. They wish for your support - only the community can make this possible by donating to their fundraiser launching Jan 2nd, 2017.