UpGyres Announces Partnership with Angel Light Communications in PLASTIKA REPARABILIS Challenge


Immediate Release – Sunday, November-27-16, Vancouver, Canada. PLASTIKA REPARABILIS Challenge is a 2 year, $30M global competition to incentivize the development of technologies, system(s), infrastructure and methodology to usher in the New Plastics Economy and a new era in plastic collecting, sorting, and utilization. Most countries only collect waste plastics that have monetary value and […]

Angel Light Communications Partners with Red Giant Union to Spread Tower Farm Tech to Entertainment Industry

Tower Farm technology

Austin Kasso, founder and executive director of an Indiana-based public charity, Red Giant Union, announced that Angel Light Communications will help in spreading the Tower Farm technology within the entertainment industry. Red Giant Union’s vision is to further the innovation in urban agriculture by creating greater accessibility to resources and capital to Sprout a progressive […]