If you’re ever fortunate enough to have a mentor that is hands on with your endeavors, one who is always available to encourage and support you, and gives sound wisdom and guidance to stretch you outside of your comfort zone, then I’d have to say you just struck gold.

I met my mentor, Antonio Saillant back in 2010 at an actors networking event. At the time I had just finished working with Tyler Perry’s House of Payne and wanted to change gears from acting to writing. At the networking event when I met Antonio I had no expectations except to hear what a guru in the film industry would advise those who were up and coming or at least desired to be.

I told Antonio my delima, about my fear of failing as a writer, and at the time was writing a musical. My inhibitions would not allow me to finish. ” Don’t stop writing, no matter how tough it gets” Antonio responded. And as simple that was those words became a constant, throughout my writing career.

The musical Yahweh on Broadway was a success three years in a row in New York’s Theater District. We were also very fortunate to have Antonio as our guest speaker at my cancer charity for the Breast Cancer Foundation which also showcased the musical. How many mentors really do this!. Amazing.

Later in 2013 I wanted to cross into screenplay writing and again hesitation set in and I called Antonio who not only encouraged and guided me through the process but believed so much in my film that his company Angel Light Pictures and Angel Light Entertainment Group graciously came on board as the affiliate production company.

From 2010 to present Antonio has been my mentor and has helped me market my events, read my written drafts and rendered advice to improve my work, he graphically aided in the press poster of my film and partnered with me on it as consulting producer. If I need anything I know I have a mentor whom I can truly confide.

If you are so fortunate to meet Antonio then you can attest to all the great attributes I have listed and then some.

Thank you Mentor for always believing in me and walking me through the rough patches.

You truly are the best!!!

Shandell King
CEO/Founder La Vie Theaters