Antonio Saillant with his Mother, Irma Meneses Saillant

Antonio Saillant with his Mother, Irma Meneses Saillant
Antonio Saillant with his Mother, Irma Meneses Saillant

Sometimes it seems that life is unfair and the odds are stacked incredibly against us. Current statistics say that more than 1 in 3 persons will get cancer. The chance of survival if you get lung, pancreatic or brain tumors is pathetically small. The most common cancer in 20 to 30-year-olds is the deadly beast melanoma. We have no easy or effective early detection for most cancers.

How about a woman who is already in her late 80s?

However, there are remarkable stories of hope. Here is one that defies the odds. In the last two years my mom who is now 87 - years-old has been diagnosed with Lung, Breast and now skin cancer.

Nothing is more scary than when they find a mass in her left breast or spots in her lungs and a dark imprint on her leg during a routine exam. When the biopsy shows cancer, she undergoes radiation and surgery. A lot of risk for a mother in her late 80's. Still, a miracle from God she gets through all three and we can only hope the cancer never comes back.

I believe my mother is surrounded by angels especially one particular Angel, her son. My mom is the ultimate survivor. Slammed down, she gets up. Again and again. She has truly beaten the odds. This is a story of triumph, faith and powerful inner strength. We can all overcome this dreadful disease with faith and pray that tomorrow brings hope.

Inspired by her fight, as founder of Planet Greenfest, The disease taught both of us to appreciate the little things, like a beautiful sunset, and that life is fragile.”

We at Planet Greenfest honor the courageous individuals lost, surviving and who are currently overcoming the widespread epidemic of cancer, we stand with them in support while celebrating and honoring their lives at every film, television show, stage or event.

When your country cherishes life you will do what it takes to make it a better place to live. You have the power to help finish the fight against cancer and pollution. Helping us being and staying Green also helps toward the future of finding a cure for cancer.

I would like to urge you to make Planet Greenfest a priority in your planned giving this year, and in the years to come.

Planet Greenfest can be about Life And Hope and we can continue to build on its successes and reach more of those in need.

Let's make this a Global effort. PLANET GREENFEST, Moving Us Toward a Greener Tomorrow.

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Planet Earth.
A Poem by Antonio Du Saillant,

Our wonderful world is a paradise for all.

Every species on earth including Man has its place in the circle of life.

The beauty of Mother Earth is seen in
living things of all kinds...plants and insects, animals and birds. Above and below the vast Oceans.

Mankind is guardian of this great treasure.

The earth provides food, clothing and a home for man, and We need to take care of our mother.

It's a simple matter of Cause and Effect. We need to be good guardians and take proper steps to insure her survival.

a Healthy Planet means a Healthy Future!

Thank you,

- Antonio Saillant


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