Antonio Saillant worked on high level filmmaker’s projects, learning the nuts and bolts of production. He spent several years shadowing his mentor, Ted Kotcheff and learning from him, not to mention, learning in a highly popular television drama series, Law and Order: Special Victims Unit. Saillant gained knowledge and insight into how the industry works at the studio level. Saillant began his producing career, forming Angel Light Pictures Entertainment Group. The company expresses Antonio’s vision and passion for creating energy efficient movies and television. Saillant says, “The motion picture industry is a vast user of electricity for its sound stages and diesel fuel for its location filming. It is a clear target for energy conservation.” Saillant produced his first film, Heterosexuals” and then followed up with The Ascension and two short films Red Right Wrong and The Truth Behind the Chords.”

Saillant partnered with Ron Kamen, the Chairman of EarthKind Energy. Kamen works extensively with the government at local, state and federal levels to ensure a favorable climate for solar development. EarthKind Energy is assisting the solar adoption goals of NYS by participating in Governor Cuomo’s NY-Sun Initiative. Both Kamen and Saillant are major supporters of solar technology and its potential to play a major role in creating sustainability. Saillant also lectures on Going Green on the Screen. At a recent speech for Syracuse University’s Earth Week, Rachel May, coordinator of sustainability education: “With his successful film career and deep familiarity with the energy field, Mr. Saillant was an extraordinary resource for students from a wide variety of disciplines.”

Mr. Saillant is furthering the education on green film production with Planet Greenfest, a film festival that his entertainment group is putting together. The films shown at Planet Greenfest will be shorts, 10 minutes long, and are required to be produced using some type of green technology. Antonio says, “I plan to take what I have learned in the energy business and apply it to the entertainment industry in the hopes that my experience will inspire other filmmakers and also our partners, vendors and audience.” Saillant was nominated for the 2014 Gotham Green Awards under the category, Green Initiative.