Hornblower Cruises & Events, NYC & Company and the NYC Economic Development Corporation

Fred Dixon, Catherine McVay Hughes, Margaret Chin, MurRay Fisher, Gale Brewer, Debi Rose, Zac Smith and Terry MacRae

Nick Lachey, Drew Lachey and More Attend Re-Dedication of Pier 15 at South Street SeaportNick Lachey, Drew Lachey, Demonte Moore, John Conner Last year on Tuesday, May 6th, Hornblower Cruises & Events, in partnership with NYC & Company and the NYC Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC), hosted a re-dedication and christening of South Street Seaport’s Pier […]

Dan Schaefer PhD, mentions Angel Light Pictures on Listening Strategy in his book, Click!

Dan Schaefer PhD, mentions Angel Light Pictures on Listening Strategy in his book, Click! The Competitive Edge for Sports, Entertainment, and Business When you hit on a realization, master a solution, or perform at your best, something just seems to click. When things click, you know it’s right. It’s magic. But what’s the secret to […]


Angel Light Communications

Entertainment has a New Light Angel Light Communications promotes sustainability in Film, Television, Theater and of course the World— putting knowledge and awareness about the environment and behavior to ensure for a sustainable Industry so we can help change the world, now and in the future. ABOUT US


THE WORLD’S ONLY GREEN SHORT FILM FESTIVAL We live in a knowledge – based economy and education is our greatest natural resource. Our mission at PLANET GREENFEST® is to connect the world with a Green movement by building a bridge between filmmakers and people everywhere to unite them globally into a strong world of sustainability.

DR. DAN SCHAEFER: Business Consultant

Dan Schaefer joined Angel Light Pictures Entertainment Group as the companies Business Consultant. Dr. Schaefer is owner of Peak Performance Strategies which are simply about identifying–early–anything that may get in between you and top performance. Dr. Dan works with people in business, sports & entertainment. Dan is a confidential sounding board for CEOs, entrepreneurs and groups throughout the United […]

ANTONIO SAILLANT: Chief Executive Officer And Director

Antonio Saillant

Antonio Saillant worked on high level filmmaker’s projects, learning the nuts and bolts of production. He spent several years shadowing his mentor, Ted Kotcheff and learning from him, not to mention, learning in a highly popular television drama series, Law and Order: Special Victims Unit. Saillant gained knowledge and insight into how the industry works […]


Angel Light Energy

Connecting the World with the Green MovementAngel Light Pictures Entertainment Group provides sustainability consulting services under our consulting department, Angel Light Energy Environmental Consulting for businesses of all kinds. We pride ourselves in improving and streamlining business operations by increasing efficiency and sustainability. LEARN MORE